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About Us

Our niche in the industry is predicated on creating accelerated high quality content for your project, company, or brand. We will create your product with a strong marketing strategy that accustoms to your company goals that resonates well with viewers. From pre-production to post-production, we are very flexible to your branding needs!

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Our Team

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Bo VanLanen

Senior Video Production Specialist

Prior to co-creating Telecross Productions, Bo has created videos for brands such as Mercury Marine, Motor Trend Group, Hagerty Insurance, American Lung Association, Westin Automotive, and HobbyTown USA. Bo shot and edited Mercury Racing's unveil of the 450R outboard in Nashville, TN which became the best performing video on their Facebook page with more than 1.2 million organic views.

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Brian Carncross

Senior Music Production Specialist

Prior to co-creating Telecross Productions, Brian entered and won first place prize in the worldwide competition for The Basement Freaks "Waking Up" Remix Contest hosted by Black Octopus Sound. Brian mixed, mastered, and engineered the song "Meet the Fam" from motivational artists Enkay 47 and The Windy Twins. Brian has collaborated with famous Midwest comedian Charlie Berens, creating the music for his "Aaron Rodgers Game of Thrones Rap" on Manitowoc Minute.